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Memory Upgrade for Shuttle Hot-591P Motherboard

Compatible Memory Upgrade options for Shuttle Hot-591P Motherboard.

Shuttle Hot-591P Motherboard Memory. The Shuttle Hot-591P Motherboard takes the Equipped with two SIMM and two DIMM sockets for (8, 16, 32, 64 or 128MB) 72-pin EDO or FPM and 168-pin 66MHz or 100MHz PC SDRAM memory modules up to 256 MB. If using SIMM modules, each bank must be filled with a pair of same modules. Memory Type, and comes installed with 0 MB (removable) of Memory. You can upgrade your Shuttle Hot-591P Motherboard to up to a maximum memory capacity of 256 MB Memory, the system has 4 sockets to install Memory, already with 0 MB (removable) standard memory installed. For best Hot-591P Motherboard performance use the maximum amount of allowed Memory per slot for your Motherboard.

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