How to install Laptop memory SODIMM ?

Installation Instructions

These instructions provide general installation and handling information for Laptop SODIMM memory. These instructions are intended to be used in conjunction with your model-specific owner's manual.

Note: The memory module contain electronic components that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD). Improper handling could damage your computer. Leave the module in its protective anti-static bag until ready to install, and handle it only as instructed by your Computer Manufacturer. If you have reservations about installing the module, ask for assistance from a qualified technician.


NOTE: Before touching any electronic components, make sure you are properly grounded. By wearing a wrist strap (or using some other type of static control device), you can prevent static electricity stored on your body or clothing from damaging your installation.

1.Always turn off your computer and remove the rechargeable battery pack before installing your memory.

2.Insert the module into the socket at a slight angle (approximately 30 degrees). Note that the socket and module are both keyed, which means the module can be installed one way only.

3. To seat the module into the socket, apply firm, even pressure to each end of the module (see the arrows) until you feel it slip down into the socket. If you are having problems getting the module to seat properly, try rocking the module up and down slightly, while continuing to apply pressure.

? When properly seated, the contact fingers on the edge of the module will almost completely disappear inside the socket.

4. With the module properly seated in the socket, rotate the module downward, as indicated in the illustration. Continue pressing downward until the clips at each end of the socket lock into position. With most sockets, you will hear a distinctive CLICK, indicating the module is correctly locked into position.

5. Once the module or modules have been installed, the computer cover can be reinstalled.

6. Reinstall the rechargeable battery pack and any cables disconnected during the installation process.

7. Turn on the computer and follow the instructions in your computer owner manual that describe the steps necessary to allow your computer to recognize the newly installed memory.