FAQ on memory installation : How to install memory ?

How to install 168pin SDRAM DIMM Memory?

How to install 144pin SDRAM or 200pin DDR SODIMM Laptop Memory?

How to install Rdram Rambus RIMM Memory?

How to install 184pin DDR DIMM Memory?

Solving minor memory problems.

1) Try using our memory alone in your system then you can add your previous memory.

2) Install the largest capacity module first If system can use singe memory stick then install 1 at a time.

3) Make sure the memory is seated in properly most problems are solved if you install right. Specially Laptop notebook has this problem memory is not installed correctly.

4) Update the BIOS to the latest version before you install the memory.


Please visit your machine manufacturer website and download latest bios for your machine. Here are some popular Computer manufacturer sites.

Upgrade IBM Bios

Compaq Tech Support

IBM ThinkPad Bios Upgrade

Dell Support How to Upgrade Bios

HP and Compaq Tech Support

Sony Tech Support

Gateway Tech Support

Customer Support

Contact Customer Support


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